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Ebenezer’s Ponderous Chain



Have the most valuable Christmas Pudding by the end of the game. 


In ‘Ebenezer’s Ponderous Chain,’ a cooperative and competitive board game for 2–5 players, you and your friends cooperate to remove the chain that encircles a central board of London. This board is made up of 9 districts with multiple action spaces. Action spaces are either the districts themselves or designated spaces between districts. On your turn, you can do up to 3 actions in any order. One of your actions must be moving your character to another action space. Spaces between districts may only be used by 1 player at a time, but they offer access to the unique actions of any connected district. District spaces can support any number of players and, in addition to giving access to that district’s unique action, allow you to purchase Londoner cards from a central market. You discard sets of these cards, which can be matched in a variety of ways, to remove corruption from matching London industries. When you remove corruption, you will gain chain links that you must spend when performing the unique action in specified districts. The 7 industries in the game produce the ingredients you buy for the Christmas pudding you assemble on your player board. As industrial corruption decreases, your pudding becomes more valuable. The final round of the game is triggered when all the chain links have been removed from the board. The player with the most valuable Christmas pudding wins.

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