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2-4 Players, 20 min/player, ages 12+

In this 20th century, hustling, bustling, dog-loving urban neighborhood, you are the Boss of your very own Vespaw Delivery Service. Your sole employee rides around on a Scooter picking up and delivering packages. A lovable stray dog named Buttercup helps out; though sometimes she runs off with packages and buries them in the park. You don’t care, you love her anyway and want to adopt her and make her your company mascot.  Seems like all the other franchise owners in town want to do the same.

The winner becomes Buttercup’s new owner.

Vespaw is a Pickup & Delivery game where the routes you create determine the actions you can take and the rewards you can earn. Buttercup has her own deck of AI cards and takes turns along with everyone else. Bones in the park become victory points. Earn the most victory points to win the game.

Buttercup’s Action (She will pick up or deliver a package for you, then she runs off for a free bone, along the way she may steal a package or 2 and bury them in the park)

Pick up & deliver packages (spend Tips upgrading your Backpack & Scooter)

Clean up then set up your next turn (this phase overlaps the next player’s turn which provides fun hustle, bustle and faster gameplay)

Earn the most victory points to win the game.

COMPONENTS: 1 game board, 3 decks of cards, 4 Scooter pawns, 4 Boss pawns, 1 dog pawn, 30 Bone pieces, 30 Gator Bull pieces, 32 Delivery tokens, 6 Boss cards, 4 progress tracking markers, 8 cash markers, 80 colored wooden cubes

A quick overview
The Game Board

Your the Boss. At some point in the game you will enter the fray and help win Buttercup!

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