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2-4 Players, 30 min/player, ages 12+

Vespaw is a route building delivery game with lots of components, actions, upgrades, and asymmetric abilities. However, every ability, upgrade, action, and component exists to make the central action of the game, picking up and delivering packages, even more fun. This action becomes a challenging and rewarding puzzle to solve as more and more packages are placed on the board.

The most unusual component in the game is a dog named Buttercup. Buttercup takes turns along with everyone else using her own deck of cards. Buttercup is the link between you and the other players. During her phase, she will pick up or deliver a package for you. This package matters because, if chosen correctly, it may result in Buttercup teaching you a powerful New Trick that you may use for the rest of the game. The key in choosing which package she should pick up or deliver for you is realizing that this package does not need to be your own. In this way, Buttercup creates mutually beneficial opportunities that reward all players involved.

Look for ways to maximize your interactions with Buttercup and you may find yourself a new best friend. Woof!

Earn the most victory points to win the game.

COMPONENTS: 1 game board, 3 decks of cards, 4 Scooter pawns, 4 Boss pawns, 1 dog pawn, 30 Bone pieces, 30 Gator Bull pieces, 32 Delivery tokens, 10 Employee tiles, 12 Unique Talent tiles, 8 cash markers, 80 colored wooden cubes

A quick overview

The Game Board

4 phases to your turn

1-Flip over the next Where? Woof! card; 2-Pickup and deliver your packages; 3-Buttercup will perform an action for you before running off to the destination on the Where? Woof! card; 4-Cash in your Tips, clean up your completed Delivery cards, draw new cards, set up your next turn.


Buttercup has her own deck of A.I. cards which determine, in part, where she is headed, provided she does not get distracted by someone’s package out on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up.

Your engine

You will upgrade your Backpack & Scooter throughout the game enabling you to carry more and travel faster. You can only upgrade a total of 6 times; so which kind of delivery genius are you? The work horse? The fast and furious? Or the jack of all trades?

Your Employee

You will hire 1 Employee during the game. No 2 are alike, each provide a unique Bonus Challenge and a slot for a unique Talent to be drafted later in the game.

Can you win by Sunday?

The game takes place over 6 days.

You will draft a special talent and attribute it to your employee. These are dramatically different, ensuring game play is different each time it is played.

Extra victory point opportunities

These Trophy Challenges offer opportunities to pick up more victory points.


There are scratch-off coupons available which you can use at shops to help build your engine.


A medium-heavy weight Euro route building board game

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