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2-4 Players,15 min/player, ages 12+

THE STORY: Welcome to the vibrant urban neighborhood of the late 20th century, where you will don the helmet of a Fast & Friendly Vespaw Delivery courier. Your mission? Race around on your trusty Scooter in a bid to earn the most money. Admittedly, it’s a ruff job, but fear not! Buttercup, the neighborhood’s beloved old stray dog, is here to teach you some New Tricks. Will you become the ultimate Vespaw courier and give Buttercup the loving home she has always wanted?

GOAL: Earn the most money by the end of the game.

GAME OVERVIEWThe game takes place over 3 rounds. During each round, you will pick up and deliver 5 packages. Players earn different rewards depending on how fast they are able to deliver all their packages each round. IMPORTANT: You can win all 3 rounds and still lose the game. A key feature of the game is Buttercup’s New Tricks. These are special powers you may activate enabling you to deliver packages much more efficiently. You are limited in how many New Tricks you can ‘perform’ simultaneously. Create powerful combos by activating multiple New Tricks at just the right moment.

COMPONENTS: 1 Game board • 60 Delivery cards • 4 Scooter pawns • 6 ‘New Trick’ tiles • 1 Dog pawn • 12 Bone pieces • 25 Delivery tokens • 12 Tip tracking markers • 32 Wooden cubes • 4 Paw markers

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