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2-4 Players, 25 min/player, ages 12+

You are an employee of the Vespaw Delivery Service in this bustling, late 20th century urban neighborhood. Each day you race around on your Scooter picking up and delivering packages. You are not alone; Buttercup, an old stray dog, is always there to lend a paw. Can you outmaneuver your opponents and give Buttercup the loving home she has always wanted? 

In Vespaw, you will navigate a grid of streets, using your Scooter pawn and the shared Buttercup pawn to pick up and deliver packages; all the while competing for the victory points needed to win the game. There are multiple paths to victory, including earning points for making deliveries, saving money, upgrading equipment, completing various challenges, and storing Bones in the Park (for Buttercup of course). 

Earn the most victory points to win the game.

COMPONENTS: 1 game board, 3 decks of cards, 4 Scooter pawns, 1 dog pawn, 30 Bone pieces, 30 Gator Bull pieces, 32 Delivery tokens, 10 Employee tiles, 12 Unique Talent tiles, 8 cash markers, 80 colored wooden cubes

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